Corina & Dani | sunset couple session

Those warm summer nights when you're sitting by a pond, surrounded by high reeds, the calm and you're enjoying some good wine. Why not combine this occasion with a relaxed photo shooting during sunset? Well, this is probably what Corina & Dani thought as well, as their ideas matched completely to mine :).

They just came home from their holidays with sun tanned skin and in a super casual style in bright colors. Well, if I were asked to give some advises for how to dress for a photo shooting, this would be definitely one of my choice for a summer look. A perfect color harmony to the nature and who wouldn't prefer a relaxed summer style on a cosy summer evening.

I'm still so overwhelmed about this shooting and by the two. They showed their love to each other so naturally and that's how the pictures turned out: naturally, romantic, flirty, kidding, dancing... That said I'm not this kind of person who likes to give many instructions to get beautiful pictures. It is always the couple itself which shows its personality and how they love and treat each other.

So have a stroll through the wild reeds and catch the last sun rays with these lovely ones!